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Choose Line Based On Extension

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Dear Vg Team,



kindly note am running VG V7 voip version with 4 enterprise license and am having the below configuration.


1- the IVR is registered with SIP extension on Avaya IPO with extensions 199 & 198

2- Any call will be forwarded to 199 i want it to use only the first two lines and if it's busy to give notification or a message.

3- Any call will be forwarded to 198 it will use the second two lines and if it's busy to give notification or a message.


Please advise.

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VoIP calls are not sent to a specific 'line'. There are no 'lines' or 'channels' like on physical systems.


The task of sending out the 'busy' is usually done by the PBX (for both traditional and VoIP systems).

The PBX checks to see if it can send the call to the destination and if it cannot as there already is the max number of calls to that destination (or all physical lines/channels are already used by other calls) then the PBX sends out the 'busy', and the end system (which is VoiceGuide in this case) is not even notified that there was a call.


If you cannot set the '2 calls max per extension' limit on the Avaya then the checks of how many calls are currently connected to the particular extension would need to be made on the VoiceGuide system, and if the incoming call the '3rd simultaneous' call then VoiceGudie can just end that call without answering it.


You need to set up your script to "start without answering the call" and then in the script check how many other calls to the same extension are currently on system. If 2 calls to the same extension currently exist on system then just hangup the call (ie. branch in script to the Hangup module). The call would be ended without ever being answered.



Keeping track of how many calls are connected to each extension can be done by using a Global Result Variable for each extension that holds the current number of calls. This variable would be checked and incremented in the script, and then decremented when call ends. The decrementing should be carried out in a "On Hangup" script.











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i want to segment the call based on the language like the below scenario.


1- the first two lines i want to make it dedicated for Arabic language.

2- the two second lines to be dedicated for English language.


waiting for your swift reply.

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You can have calls to extension 199 use Arabic and calls to extension 198 use English.


You can just use an Evaluate Expression module to check what extension was dialed (using $RV_DNIS) and then set the system to use either Arabic or English.


If you need to set the VoiceGuide System directory (needed if you want to use VoiceGuide's default prompts) then please also see some comments on this web page: http://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/multi-language.htm


So it does not matter what line in the Line Status Monitor the call will be displayed as arriving on - its the extension to which the caller was transferred that will determine language used.


Please let us know if you want any aspect of the above to be covered in more detail.

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The expression should be this:




note the double quotes. They are needed as the comparison is made between strings, not numbers.




Also, the Config.xml currently on your system is not formatted properly.


vgEngine trace shows:

144106.988   6         ERROR v7.5.6436.27381 (2017-08-15 14:12:42.36) mainLoad XML Config : Name cannot begin with the '<' character, hexadecimal value 0x3C. Line 23, position 65.

To check Config.xml formatting please try opening the Config.xml file in any web browser.

The web browser should indicate any XML formatting issues in the opened file.

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