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Hi VoiceGuide Team,


I did a system using VoIP System what changes i need to do to get it to use the dialogic card (D/4PCI* sense) because I need to develop the system in one environment and deploy in another environment.


Thank you for your support.



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When installing the VoiceGuide software you just select whether you want to deploy using physical telephony cards, or whether you want to deploy using the VoIP drivers.


Please see here for instructions on deploying using physical telephony cards:




You will need to install the "Dialogic Card Drivers" from the VoiceGuide Downloads page. (If system has HMP drivers installed on it the you'll need to uninstall those first, and reboot system).


Note that if you want to be able the transfer calls by dialing another number and bridging the calls together on the card then you will need to use the D/41JCT cards, not D/4PCI* series cards.

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