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Causes Isdn

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sometimes before answer call we check call parameter to access to server.


in some cases we must reject connection request and typically we terminate call what on router is recognized as standard terminating call. (Cause No. 16 - normal call clearing).


how to send ISDN Cause Codes declared


in VoiceGuide?



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Some versions need the cause tag to be surrounded by XML <cause></cause> tags,


eg: to have 'FACILITY_REJECTED' cause sent, assign this to the $RV[DropCall_CauseValue] :



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This version now also allows specifying the case value by just setting $RV[DropCall_CauseValue] to the value itself, instead of using a tag.


This allows any value to be assigned, in cases where propriety codes need to be used.


[old link removed]


some tags codes have also been added.


The Help file entry: http://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modhangupcall.htm


has been updated accordingly.

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