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"subscripting Not Supported"

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I'm running VG Pro 4 Line (5.1.2058) on a patched win2k server. Everything appears to be working fine except for calling vm, or other scripts. "goto" voicemail doesn't work -- neither for transferring to configured boxes, nor for going to retrieve -- and calling my own script doesn't work either. I've not modified anything in the ini about making vm work - it's as-installed.


The result is a message "Subscripting not supported in this version" (see attached file) but I was under the impression that it was, and that the customizeable vm was too. Esp. given the fact that I didn't customize the .ini, it seems like it ought to all be working...


The Introduction page of the Voicemail section in the help file indicates that the Pro version uses the customizeable scripts, but I see now that your feature list page says that isn't true. I also saw somewhere mention that the pro version allows subscripting - i believe in a support post - but again on the feature list I see that isn't the case.


I'll admit I didn't examine the features list page on the site prior to buying -- I was going from the help file and other info. I bought the upgrade because it was the only way to get global dtmf d detection and because I thought subscripting and customizeable voicemail were included. Can you clarify so I can solve my issue?



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Please see:




that page lists what features are supported in each version.


In a couple of places in the Beta2 release of v5.1 Help file there were mistakes which stated that the Pro version could use the scripted voicemail system - these were incorrect and were removed.


Upcoming Beta3 release (next couple of days) should now install the built-in voicemail system for Pro version correctly so that it can be used out-of-the-box.


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