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"text" Data Type In Database

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I try to get data from database, but by getting data with "text" type VG shows in logs this message and data is not found.


085249,72 1 db About to execute a Retrieve type operation [sELECT opcja, id, opis, kolejkowanie FROM schemat WHERE id_proj=500 AND poziom1=cast('4' as text) AND poziom2 is NULL]

085249,73 1 db [get_menu_1_settings] row count=1

085249,73 1 rv add [get_menu_1_settings_RowCount]{1}

085249,73 1 db get RecordsetGetRowsMax

085249,73 1 db get 999 records. (row count=1)

085249,73 1 db update RVs

085249,73 1 ERROR 6.0.3391 Runmodule eh_DBQuerySaveDataToRV line 5940, 13:Type mismatch




I try too "SELECT CAST(my_var as character(255)) FROM table2 WHERE id=1" worked in pgAdmin sql query but no in VG


How to get "text" data from database in VG?

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