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"compatibility Files" & Virtualization, And Startup Vgs

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I am new to this so apologies if these two questions are daft ones!!


Issue 1: I have just installed the trial version of VG on a Vista machine using a Dialogic 4/DPCI and the "Credit Card" test works fine.


When I create my own VGS file and save them in the c:\\program files\VoiceGuide\scripts\ I am unable to locate them using explorer but a button appears called "Compatibility Files". I understand that this is something to do with "Virtualization" and I have discovered that the files I have created and saved are actually saved in c:\\Users\mark\appdata\VuiceGuide\scripts\.


I have never seen this before installing VG.



Issue 2. [Yes I know this is a basic question :-( ].... Your help files state to edit the config file to replace the startup script i.e. change it from the initial Credit Card test VGS to one of my own. However, having never touched XML before I am unsure how to do this... do I need an XML editor and XML compiler installing??? I suspect that this may also be compounded by the issue 1 above!


Any help would be most welcome.



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The Config.xml file can be opened & edited using any text editor. eg: Notepad.


Just change the script path/filename to point to your own script and restart the VoiceGuide service.

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Thanks for the info.


I now understand what is going on, for the benefit of anybody else in this position...


I was editing the config file correctly, but when clicking on "save", the saved file was saving in the virtualized folder C:\USERS\username\APPDATA\VOICEGUIDE\CONFIG\

[i still don't know how or why this was happening!]. As a result, the changes I had made were not being picked up by VG.


This is solved by using EXPLORE to move the file from the virtualised folder to the VG Config folder.


It now works a treat!



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