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1 Line Not Taking/making Calls (Vg7) D300Jct

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1 Line Not Taking/Making Calls (VG7) D300JCT


Recently purchased an additional 4 lines to increase capacity on a 12 Line VG server to 16 Lines.

After the licence was activated and VG service restarted, all lines came up according to the VG Monitor. Today the system has taken a moderate 210 inbound calls and made an estimated 160 outbound calls.


Line 7 is the only line not to have taken or made a call all day. It is highly unlikely that the ISDN service would have bypassed line 7 purely by chance in the 370 calls that were processed. It now appears that this VG Server is in actual fact only a 15 line system given Line 7's isolation. Line 7 made and received calls prior to the licence upgrade.


There were no changes to the application and Status Monitor shows that Line 7 is processing the same inbound starting script as all other lines.


I have attached the KT Traces for your review. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Could you please also post the previous day's ktTel and vgEngine traces (.ZIPed) - which should show the system startup.

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The trace from 23rd shows that many calls were received on channel number 7 between 9am and 10:30pm


Attached is the grep output of activity on channel 7.


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Thanks for posting the reply. I may not have been clear with my issue.

The Line Status Monitor had always indicated that Line 7 was taking calls on the 23rd of February between 9AM and 10:30PM as you indicated in your last reply


The issues lies in the time after the licence was updated (approx. 10:45PM on the 23rd February 2010). Since this time, Line Status Monitor has indicated that Line 7 has not taken a call for a full two days.


See attached picture of LSM. Please note that the LSM is closed and restarted each time the service is restarted.


I have emailed the VGEngine and KtTel traces for the 25th February 2010 to support@voiceguide.com.


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Traces shows VoiceGuide service was restarted at 22:39:50


223950.218 2516 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

223950.218 2516 ktTel_SR60 DLL v7.0.9, created: Jan 4 2009, 10:34:42

223950.218 2516 start at 0223 223950.218

223950.218 2516 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


and that channel 7 was opened just like other channels with no errors reported by Dialogic card, and that the ISDN service signaled the channel as unblocked:


223951.968 2516 gc_OpenEx :N_dtiB1T7:P_ISDN call

223951.984 2516 gc_OpenEx :N_dtiB1T7:P_ISDN completed ok (opening digital line), linedev=19

223951.984 1884 19 ev GCEV_UNBLOCKED


Traces show that no calls arrived on that channel afterwards.


It is the remote end that decides on which channel the call is the arrive on, so the question of why calls aren't arriving on that particular channel should be posed to the PBX/Switch administrator who is looking after the PBX/Switch that supplies the E1.


One thing to try would be to preform a Dialogic service restart, which would perform a reset on the ISDN connection. This may reset the connection on the remote switch and you may then see the remote end sending calls on channel 7 again.

To do the Dialogic service restart on an E1 trunk:


1. stop the Dialogic service,

2. disconnect E1 cable for about 30 seconds,

3. reconnect the E1 cable,

4. make sure the LED on back of card is Green,

5. Start Dialogic service,

6. Start VoiceGuide service.

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