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outgoing calls using external database

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Finaly, i come back to my old system (analog) until i have completely resolved this E1 issue, i'm loosing too much time trying to make it work.


The point is that now I have regressions even in my old system. Let me explain:


1. I have installed the VoiceGuide_7.1.0_1002162.exe /dialogic 6.0

2. I'm connected on a remote mysql data base for outgoing calls, and when trying to make outgoing calls, seems that this external database is not taken into account, no calls are made although in the call loarder i can see that the database is seen.

3. when doing incomming calls, i should fall on a script called gmail2.vgs, but the incoming calls rings into the system without starting any script.


Please find bellow all the log files thank you for your help




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Looks like the table structure you currently have setup does not have the column 'Scheduler' in the porttouse table.


Please delete the tables in your database and let VoiceGuide create the tables automatically at startup.


115056.218 11 ERROR v7.1.3699.20074 (2010-02-16 11:09:08.70) DoWorkFindCall stage1 : Unknown column 'porttouse.Scheduler' in 'where clause'

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