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I Am Interested In A Copy Of The Discontinued "cidview 1.2"

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I would be *very* pleased if Katalina provides me a copy of the free TAPI tool "CIDView 1.2"

[old link removed]


Easy to use Caller ID monitor. Waits in the Icon Tray. Saves all received calls. details to a log file. Has an integrated Application Launcher which can be used to start contact managers or other software. Runs under Windows 95/98/NT. TAPI compliant.

refers to
[old link removed]

I am currently doing a project with TAPI, and would be so very interested to use/test the tool, even though it is "discontinued".

Rolf Hemmerling

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CIDView software is 12 years old (was released in 1997).

Will have a look on our older backups for this and advise.

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Had a look but could not find this. As mentioned before, this (free) software was released 12 years ago. Will advise if we come across it on one of the older machines that we have in old equipment store at the back of the lab here.

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