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- I have a DB in SQL, and in "ODBC Data Source Administrator " -> User DSN , I have the name abonados, what name should I put in the module "Database query"-> "Database or ODBC Data Source"??

- how do I use the module "Database query"-> "Connect String"




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"Database or ODBC Data Source" should contain "abonados"


"Connect String" should contain whatever connect string your database recommend that you use in order to successfully make an OBDC connection.


If this was an Access database that you connect through ODBC the connect string may be:


ODBC;DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}


for an Oracle database connect strings look something like this:




for a MSSQL database you may use:




It all depends on your configuration of course - if somebody else has set up the database then maybe you should ask them to see what they recommend you use for the connect string.


A few other users have commented that they needed to include the DRIVER specification in the connect string before they could connect successfully. The contents of the driver name inside the {} brackets should be a direct copy of what you can see in the ODBC Data Source Administrator's 'driver' column - just to the right of "abonados".

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