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Newbee Questions On Ct

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I've read through a bunch of the VoiceGuide doc, and a number of posting here. I still have some questions.

We are a very small office that needs a bigger office "sound" to the outside world. VoiceGuide seems like

just the ticket, but I am thinking that I am going to need a PBX to make things work. I don't want to buy a PBX.


So, here is what we have:


2 separate phone lines into the office.

About 5 to 10 different work areas/desks.

When a call comes in, all phones ring.

I have access to the punch-down block in my wiring closet.


What I want.


When call comes in, the caller is greeted by a message and enables to caller to select an extension (auto-attendant).

When the call get routed to the extension and there is no answer at the extension, the call is routed to voice-mail.

I know VoiceGuide can do this, but do I need a PBX to do this? Can't I just use a dialogic card that has 1 port for

each incomming phone line, and then 1 port for each extension? Or, would a card with that many ports be just a pricey as a small PBX.


Thanx in advance



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A card which can support telephone externsions plugged into it (Dialogic MSI card) will cost you as much as a simple PBX.


What you need is a simple PBX, and attach VoiceGuide to PBXs extension(s).

VoiceGuide can then direct the call to the extension chosen by caller or do voicemail etc.

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Thanx for the clarification. Do you have any recomendations for a simple PBX?


Thanx Again!


Best Regards,



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Best to find a local PBX/Telephone Systems distributor/installer and see what they recommend in your area.

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