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'kttel.ocx' Or One Of Its Dependencies Not Correctly Registere

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John wrote:


I downloaded your software to the my computer


An error occurred .... it read .....



Run-time error '339':


Component 'KtTel.oxc' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid



Would you be able to help me ?


At this time all we want to do is to see the software operate before we can purchase

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This is an error that shows up in v6 if you have installed it before installing the Dialogic card and drivers on your system. You need to install Dialogic card and drivers before installing v6 of VoiceGuide.


If you are setting up a new system we'd recommend using v7 of VoiceGuide, not v6.


You can setup v7 to function in VoIP mode, with the use of the HMP drivers. You would not need to use a physical Dialogic card if setting up the system in VoIP mode.

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