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Unable To Save To Log File With Vg.admin_tracelogadd

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Hello, I have a dial out script where I need to troubleshoot VBScript and the code below is not even saving it to the log, I see in the log that is hitting the module but it almost seems that is bypassing that module altogether. I can't find in the log where "Step 0" is saved and the code in this module is not executed. I have attached a zip file with the Log files created by VG with level 10. The module is called "Save Call logs", anything you can see I am missing? The VG version and build are in the log files, VG 7.xxx with Dialogic digital 23 line card, windows 2003 server. Thanks


Dim sQuery,RecId,sRecId,sSpeakText,sLastConfirm

Dim Fso,fileVmBoxList,sEntireFile

on error resume next

set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")

vg.Admin_TraceLogAdd 0, 0, "Step 0"

vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV_LINEID, "success"

set vg = nothing


''Other code below


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Could you please update your system to the latest version of VoiceGuide v7 available from our WWW and then post traces when new version is used. We can then better see what is happening on the system.

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We installed the new version of VG and now our Dial out is not working, it dials out but it gets stuck on the doing answer detection.


1- We installed VG and we saw that all our configuration was erased, which is very bad, we spent hours setting this up. Luckily we had a backup and we restored the VG.ini and also the entire CONFIG folder.

2- We also saw that the licensing was erased so we have to re-enter the licensing information.

3-After restarting VG, we got our 23 lines back for dialing in, but we can't get the dialer to work at all.


This has become an emergency now instead of having to deal with a simple programming issue, installing the new version broke the entire system. Please help, we only have 4 hours to fix this. Attached are the logs.


Thank You


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Status update:


- We uninstalled the new version and rebooted

- We installed the new version, copied the old config files, applied licensing info

- Restarted the server

- Played around with some INI settings and dialing out started to work again.


Something with the Upgrade caused this issue. Now that the new version is installed, our initial problem has been solved so it appears it was a problem with the older VG version.


For future upgrades for VG 7, what all do we have to restore in order to get the new VG version working? I know the CONFIG folder and Vg.ini, is there something else?


Thank You

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OK, sounds like the Admin_TraceLogAdd issue you reported at the start of this thread is now resolved, correct?


The install does overwrite Config.xml and VG.INI. We'll raise with developers to change this so that any existing VG.INI and Config.xml are backed up by the install program before being overwritten.

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yes, the new version corrected the initial problem.


On the install issue, why not ask the user if it is ok to overwrite the Configs, if not, then just create the new ones as VG.new and Config.new and leave the current ones intact.


Thank You

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