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Modules That Re-direct Based On Time

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Is there any way to have the program go to different modules at different times of the day or different days? For example, instead of transferring a call after closing, it re-directs to a .wav module telling them to call back during business hours?

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You can use the Evaluate Expression module to swtich to different parts of script based on time/date.


From VoiceGuide Help file:


Example I


Switch to different parts of the script based on Day / Time. Use the $RV_DAY, $RV_DATE, $RV_HOUR and $RV_MINUTE Result Variables.


To switch all calls on Saturday and Sunday you can use the $RV_DAY as the expression to be evaluated, and then in your Paths text box you can type:


On {6} Goto [Play Saturday message]

On {7} Goto [Play Sunday message]


Another way to do this is to use the following expression:


($RV_DAY = 6) or ($RV_DAY = 7)


and then in your Paths text box you can type:


On {True} Goto [Play Weekend message]



Example II


To Play one message during business hours, and one outside business hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm you can use the following expression:


($RV_DAY >= 1) and ($RV_DAY <= 5) and ( (($RV_HOUR >= 9) and ($RV_HOUR <= 17)) or (($RV_HOUR = 8) and ($RV_MINUTE >= 30)) or (($RV_HOUR = 17) and ($RV_MINUTE < 30)) )


and then in your Paths text box type:


On {True} Goto [Play Business Hours message]

On {False} Goto [Play After Business Hours message]

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