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Specify Device To Dial Out On

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Overview of my project: ( Yes, anyone who likes the idea and wants to spend the time to do this can use the idea :) )


Thsi intergrates web server, fax back, or outbound voice..


A user goes to a web page to request more information, etc..


On this page they fill out Name number, etc, date & time they want to be called back ( Voice)


The web server creates the diallistnew.txt file and saves it in the approriate directory.


With VG running it will see this new file and read it, and make the outbound call and run the script, ie play voice files with the information they may of wanted to hear.


What I want to do is specify through this command line ( txt file ) which device to use, ie line 1, 2 3, or 4. I know you can specify if VG is allowed to dial out on a certian line, but what if I wanted these "requests" to be dialedout on line 2, and no others, ever. Is there an entry one can put in the diallistnew.txt file at the end like, ,2 as DevID, or something?


I did not see this being possible from what I seen in the help files, Am I mistaken?


Perhaps add that option in the Telephone Loader program, and the .txt file level so one can specify which line to use for that particular call.




Anyone have an opinion on this whole idea? I'm in the Landscaping/construction industry and thought that it may be a neet idea to have the system call and provide information such as prices for spring and fall cleanups, snow clearing, contests, or even to have an option in contacting a rep via a 3 way call to a cell phone.


Just wanted to see if the public would find this a benifit to a business or if its something that would be worthless?

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At this stage you cannot specify per-call on which line that particular call should be made.


Similar applications have been created in VoiceGuide by other customers.


If your scripts targets a particular industry or a set of clients you may want to approach prospective clients directly.

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