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"Set And Run Current Script" Option In Script Designer

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Kong wrote:


I have just bought a used Dialogic Board D4PCIUF and successfully installed on my Windows 2003 Standard Server with Service Pack 2.


Also, I have installed VoiceGuide V7.0.0 Trial Version. It has loaded with Credit Card Payment script test module.


It run service wihtout problem. The test run with default script seems fine.


I have tried to do some simple test scripts prior to looking into actual application scripts flow and purchase the VoiceGuide. I can't load my test script to run.


At script designer, I click on "set and run current script", it responded as vgmulti.exe could not be found.


I didn't see VG System Manager. However, I noticed config.xml and has the script parameter. Is there any better to change and load new test scripts?

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The "Set And Run Current Script" Option In Script Designer does not work in v6.x and v7.x


The scripts to use need to be for now set in Config.xml file directly, and VoiceGuide needs to be restarted for the changes in Config.xml to be read in.


There are plans are to make the "Set And Run Current Script" option work in v7, but there are no plans to make this option work in v6.

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