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Call Transfer Paths

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How would one get a caller to be able to get back into the script AFTER the * is pressed to end the call?


If you set the SUCSESS path to a new module, it goes to that module immediatly after the completed transfer. The FAIL path would be if the transfer Failed, eg, could not connect, or in 3 way announced it was a rejected call. Or the TIMEOUT path will be followed when the MAX3WAYCALL time has expired ( 1800 seconds default in vg.ini )


But I would like the inbound caller to be able to have a call transfered to a number, via 3 way blind, or announced, answered and connected, then when * is pressed it will continue back in the script but hang up on the 3 way called number, Instead of hanging up on both parties.


Is this possible?

If not directly possible with the call transfer mod, can it be done with some other mod on the sucsess path, EG a VB script to listen for DTMF and then proceed in the script after the DTMF was detected, or some other method.

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It can be done.


Have the Success path lead to a Play module (WaitHere) which just waits around until a DTMF tone is pressed - make sure there is a timeout path from this module that takes a long time to fire - the presence of this timeout path prevents the module from timing out awaiting user input. To stop the Play module from playing anything specify "none" in the Sound File text field.


Set a path from that module which on the right DTMF tone goes to another play module (RetieveCall). Have RetrieveCall play the code required to drop the 3rd leg of the call, and then go to another module using a timeout path.


Play modules can play hookflashes and DTMF tones - just use "!" for a hookflash and the digits for DTMF.

If using a Dialogic card you can just have the module play "!,1" (or whatever is required).

If using a modem you can have a Play module send hookflash or DTMF but not both, so to send "!,1" you would need to use two Play modules - the first one playing "!", and a short timeout path leading to another module which will play "1".



The Transfer modules were changed recently to go down Success path immediately to allow VoiceGuide to play an active role whilst the conference is continuing. For example you can instruct VoiceGuide to go and Play voicemail messages while both parties are listening etc. This was requested by many users... we now find that it would have been better to make this mode a selectable option and a version of VoiceGuide which allows user to select if they want to go down Success immediately or only after conference has finished will be released in the next couple of weeks.



The main problem with the new way of acting after conference is completed is that care must be taken to ensure that VoiceGuide is effectively parked during the conference and does not timeout waiting for a user input - if it does it will hang up and end the conference.

Using a Play module which has "none" specified in the Sound File text field and which has a very long timeout leading from it is the best way to 'park' VoiceGuide while the conference is going.

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If I may suggest what I think is the best way to do this, if from a programming level is possible....


Make a 4th path in the transfer Mod, ie Fail -> becuase modem could not transfer call, Timeout -> When total time has expired, Sucess -> Sucessfully transfferd call, and will the ABILITY in the script for both people to listen to messages, record etc. and the 4th path " On Exit " -> go back to script after * is pressed.


This would be impossible to do if you required a sucess path and a On exit path, as the sucsess path would of been followed. BUT if the users leaves the sucess path empty then it would use the On Exit path.


Considerign that Dialogic detects hang ups, that wouldn;t be a problem if nothing was done and both people just hung up, but with a voice modem it would pose a problem.


If the above is not feasble, I would rather see the OPTION to switch which mode to use, Ie * then sucsess, or on 3way complete then sucess path be in the MODULE, not in the VG.ini file. This would be useful if both methods would be required in users scripts. And would be easier to change.



Idealy though if there is a check box in the module that says " Check this box if you want sucsess path to be followed only after * is pressed" And if its unchecked it will proceed right away.


Ok I'm done babbling :)


Perhaps Take a vote on this, Ie send a mailout to the users of VG

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