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Autodial To 1200 Customers

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For some time we have been using your autodialler. I am not sure what version we have, but it must be 5 or 6 years old! I am now in charge of updating the system and would like a little advice on choosing an upgrade. Our only need from this system is to store about 1200 telephone numbers and to occasionally send out community-related messages. In the past we had real problems with answering machines, but I'm assuming those kind of problems are long solved. How does your system work? I'm assuming I can easily install your software into my personal computer at home and input the messages and let it do it's thing. If I needed to send a short message to 1200 homes, how long might it take? I wouldn't want to tie up my computer for too long!

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VoiceGuide Dialer can reliably detect answering machines when running using a Dialogic card. Voice modems cannot detect answering machines, hence you will need to use a Dialogic card.


The software is straightforward to install - and instructions on setting up the Dialogic card's drivers are provided in the Help file.


The time it would take to send a message depends on the length of a message itself... if your message is about a minute long and everybody listens to the message in full then you would be able to send about 50 messages per port every hour... so when using a 4 port Dialogic card you would be able to send about 200 messages per hour.. which means it would take you 6 hours to reach 1200 homes.


You may want to opt for an 8 port version of the software which will allow you to send 1200 messages in about 3 hours.


Note that if the broadcast message will not be heard in full by all the people then the number of telephone numbers dialed per hour would of course increase...

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