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Voicemail Box Response

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If I call the voice guide and leave a message in the voicemail box. Then the system is calling me back and asks or a I want to listen to the new message that has been left in the voicemail box.

If I want, I have to pres 1 on my phone.

My problem is: If I do that somtimes nothing happends(only the message from the voice guide system: [pres 1 to hear your new message] after 3 times this message the connexion has been cut)

what can I do about this.



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Looks like the modem is not hearing you pressing "1" - some modems have problems hearing DTMF tones while playing messages... your options are:




You can try reducing the volume of the outgoing message - the sound file used here is:


you can reduce the volume using any sound editor (even using Windows' Sound Recorder)




You can try pressing the "1" during the silence in between the sound file being replayed.




Change modems. (what modem are you using now?)




Get a different telephone - some telephone handsets do not play DTMF tones very loud.

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