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Voicemail Mesgs Being Truncated

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Hi there,


I'm testing out your system and am having some troubles. I'm having the voice messages I leave in the mailboxes truncated. I was using the demo version 4.1, so I upgraded to the 4.8.47 and am having the same problems. I am losing about 20-30% off of the end of the messages, everything else appears to be working fine. I'm using a Dialogic D/41D. Please help!




Tim W.

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What is the actual length of time that your messages are truncated by?


VoiceGuide will truncate the message by about one second when a DTMF tone is used to stop recording the message - this is used to just remove to tone sound from the file to make sure that when it is played back to caller the DTMF will not be played as well.


VoiceGuide will also truncate the message when the recording is stopped due to silence being heard on the line - in these cases the silence itself is removed.


Also, if a caller hangs up and the busy tone is heard then VoiceGuide will attempt to truncate the message by about 4 seconds - which is about the length of time that most modems and telephony cards take to report the busy tone...


The amount of file truncated can be fine-tuned using the VG.INI file, see the settings:






Could you please post a copy of VoiceGuide's Debug Printout which captures the recording which is truncated too much, this will allow us to see what is going wrong.


When running the script click on VoiceGuide's View menu and select 'Event Trace Log' option - any log information will then appear in this window. You must open the trace window before making the call.

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