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Split Callerid Information Into Components

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My telephone service (Vonage) is sending 11 digits (1-XXX-XXX-XXXX) as the calling number in the callerid string.


I would like to be able to split the calling number into it's North American fields (NPA, NXX, Station) for database queries.


I beleive the evaluate module may be the way to go here, but I'm not familiar with it's expressions.

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You'll need to write a VB Script in th eRun VBS module and in it use the right(), left() and mid() functions to extract the 3 fields - then you can seave them in the results file so that they will be available as "result variables" throughout the rest of the script.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



I'm more of a Unix guy, so I used some cygwin utilities to do virtually the same thing.


This example just strips the leading "1".


In the run program module I use this command:

C:\splitdn.bat $RV_CIDNUMBER > c:\shlreslt.txt


The splitdn.bat file looks like this:

@echo %1 | c:\cygwin\bin\gawk '{print "[dn]{"substr($0,2,3) substr($0,5,3) substr($0,8,4)"}"}'


The output in the shlreslt.txt file looks like this:


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If you are using VB there is a better function than right, left, mid. It's called split.





Dim x() as string

dim y as string





x = split(y,"-")





x(0) = "1"

x(1) = "888"

x(2) = "555"

x(3) = "1212"

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