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Eicon Server And Tapi

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Hi There !!


From this forum thread: http://voiceguide.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1619


You stated:

We have been advised that the newest releases of Eicon cards with their "Diva Server 7.0" drivers directly support TAPI+Wave interface (no need for ComISDN) - we have obtained a 4xBRI card from Eicon and will be testing this ourselves soon as well...

Have you any thoughts about using Vg4TAPI and Eicon server cards WITHOUT ComISDN? ie: does this combination work "as expected" without ComISDN?


Thx - Tim.

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I can confirm that a standard Eicon Diva Server BRI 2M (and 4BRI) card (with either v6.3 or v7.7 drivers installed) will work with the standard TAPI version of VoiceGuide, v5.2.5015 (not yet released version) in "blind-transfer" mode only, provided that the VG.INI settings under the [PBX] section are changed from "generate" to "TAPI"...





see thread: http://voiceguide.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3453

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I've uninstalled previous version and I am trying to install version 5[1].2.5015 but I keep getting a runtime error... "339"


'Component 'SapiWrap.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.


Any thoughts?



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You should just place the new .exe in VG's directory, overwriting previous file.

Do not uninstall the existing installation of VG...

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OK... I got get the blind transfer to work with the new version and by changing the vg.ini settings to TAPI. Thanks! But it only works when I hard code a number in the transfer field of the Transfer Call module. If I use a Result Variable, it fails consistently. Any thoughts...



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You should be able to use the Result Variable with no problems.


Could you please post a copy of VoiceGuide's Debug Printout which captures the problem, this will allow us to see what happened.


When running the script click on VoiceGuide's View menu and select 'Event Trace Log' option - any log information will then appear in this window. You must open the trace window before making the call.


You can enable the automatic saving of the logs to files in \log\ directory as well.

When posting traces please .ZIP them up and post them as attachments.

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Trace shows the Result Variables were converted over and the transfer was made, but it failed.

214327.77  11 rv    replace start: [$RV[Area_Code]$RV[Called_Number]]
214327.78  11 rv    replace end: [16159376491]
214327.78  11 state [Add_AC_Call:] Blind Transfer to 16159376491 (TAPI)
214327.80  11 lineBlindTransfer(66458,16159376491,0) in LsXferStart => 66509
214327.89  11 callinfo DISPLAY
214327.91  11 devstate NUMCALLS 0 0
214327.91  11 devstate OTHER 0 0
214340.77  11 tapi  Reply (LineEvReply) err 66509 LINEERR_OPERATIONFAILED [80000048]

Does the transfer succeed if you hardcode 16159376491 instead?

(the end result should be just the same, as the replacement does not affect the function call...)

Can you capture the trace of a successful transfer?

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Just a thought, make sure the RV evaluates to text because if its numeric, you may lose the leading zero? Just put the $RVs imbetween quotes when creating the variable: "$RV[AreaCode]"

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Thanks guys, I got it working... My issues is with the way my ISDN service is provisioned. Whether it's hard coded or via an $RV variable, I can only blind transfer to a 7 digit number. When I drop the area code, it works everytime!

I'm trying to get the LEC to resolve the issue.

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I've removed my analog dialogic board and replaced it with a DIVA ISDN BRI board because we need the instant ANI delivery. I've up graded VG with the version support provided earlier in this thread. The script runs for the first few calls or so then it freezes-up and will not answer subsequent calls (just RNA). I was wondering if i my have anything to do with the activation key for the software. The key was originally pair with the NIC card which is still installed in the machine... (just the dialogic board has been replaced). Any thoughts.




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I was wondering if i my have anything to do with the activation key for the software.

No, it would not...

If you cannot resolve the problem please start a new thread on this, and post some traces (.ZIPed up)

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UPDATE: For those people searching for Eicon solutions, the following maybe helpful:


Assuming you have a clean install of the "Standard Voice Modem" version of VoiceGuide (Not a Dialogic install)...


v1 Diva Server Cards using their own native TAPI drivers will not work with v6.30 (and probably earlier) drivers at all. The wave-driver just gives either white-noise type static noises when playing a file and attempting to record just gives an error response to VoiceGuide and hangs up.


If a v7.70 wave-driver file is installed over a v6.30 installation, then playback only is possible. The Eicon drivers still return an error message when recording a message to VG and it hangs up.


Same for v8.00 wave-driver too.


Using ComISDN with an Eicon v1 card does work and (using the 5015 release above) will do tapi-blind-transfers, providing the transferred line as available, you have set the transfers to TAPI mode in the VG.INI, otherwise VG will restart the current script from the top (which I think is a bug).


V2 Diva Server Cards are supposed play and record using v7.70 drivers and their own TAPI driver and do line transfers. I have been unable to confirm this as yet, but am hoping to confirm this soon and I will report back.


Bottom line is: either avoid v1 cards or use ComISDN!

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I'm also trying to configure ComISDN with an Eicon BRI-2M revision 1.0 to get VG working. I've followed everything in this thread, but am not able to run VG with ComISDN.


When clicking the 'Configure' button in: "Start->Settings->Control Panel->Phone and Modem options->Advanced Tab->ComISDN" nothing happens. I thought some window would show up and I should be able to select the Eicon card, right?


When running the VG configuration wizard to select line devices; currently no ComISDN service is listed and two times 'Eicon ISDN Channel' is listed.


I'm using the newest ComISDN driver and the Eicon 6.3 driver.


Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.


Wietse van den Brink.

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Rough Guide to setting this up: (from memory!)...


1. Remove any other telephony wave-drivers listed in device manager, under the "sound, game and video controllers" section eg: remove Dialogic, or Eicon wave drivers you may have. (keep all the standard ones!)


2. Remove any TAPI "TSPs" listed in control panel, phone & modem options, advanced tab, specifically to do with telephony (eg: eicon or dialogic). Highlight in list and use remove button. Keep the Microsoft ones, like H323.


3. If you've had to remove drivers, in steps 1. & 2. reboot for clean restart.


4. Get your eicon diva server installed and configured for CAPI. Install your v6.3 drivers according to Eicon instructions (run update.exe). Once restarted, run Eicon Config manager and setup a CAPI component only, plus board and ISDN channels. Ensure that capi will answer all calls or specific MSN as required. Ensure the BRI lines are configured and BRI connections. Do not install the TAPI component. Reboot after setting this up. Use the Eicon Line-test to make sure that your lines are working.


5. Run the ComISDN setup. It will install a) Its own wave driver and B) its own control panel control on the advanced tab in phone & modem options. In the middle of the install, you will get the comisdn settings dialogue, just accept the defaults. The default options work okay for me in the uk.


6. Reboot to enable these drivers. Check that a) you have the comisdn wave-driver listed in hardware devices under "sound, game & video controllers" and B) you have the contol listed in control panel.


OKAY, you should now have the basics in place to do telephony using ComISDN TAPI, using Eicon CAPI. So you should be able to run the MS Dialler application to make and place calls using the Eicon card (you will need to select the correct channel "ISDN Line 1 Channel 1" (or similar) in the Dialler options/settings!). Use the Diva Server system monitor to see the calls in progress.


7. Now (assuming this is clean install) Install VG, ensure that you select "standard modem/TAPI modem/Unimodem" install. Ignore the dialogic analog and dialogic digital options. If you have installed VG previously, ensure that the TAPIWRAP.OCX in the system32 directory is deleted/removed, before reinstalling voiceguide.


8. First Run the VG Config wizard, scroll down the list of tapi devices. You will have a list of at least 4-6 items, (like RAS, WAN, IPCONFLINE, H323 line, etc) plus "Eicon ISDN Line" for each channel, skip these, scroll down till you see "ISDN line 1 Channel1", etc, for each channel; on the card (2M = 2 channels). If you don't see these channels listed, then the ComISDN install has failed, go back to step 1 and try again. If you do get these specific channels, highlight each one, press next, and complete the script assignment to each channel, then run VoiceGuide.


9. If you've got this far, then VoiceGuide should answer calls. If it doesn't when you call in, use the diva-server monitor to see if the calls report as failed-calls. If they do, suspect that the MSNs do not match if used and check they are assigned properley to the CAPI channels. Other debugs to check: close VoiceGuide and run MS Dialler instead to see if you can answer calls or place calls using TAPI.


10. If no joy here, then enable logging in Vg by opening debug trace and checking keep logs. Close dialog, close Vg and restart. Without doing anything else, check the MMDDvgm.txt log (..\VoiceGuide\logs directory) and you will see that when Vg starts, it lists all TAPI devices on your system and if there was any error accessing them. If you have devices correctly listed and successfully accessed, then you either have Eicon card/line issues or voiceguide issues. If the devices are not present then you have ComISDN issues or Eicon issues.


In my experience, if you've got to step 9, then you should be okay. Looks worse that it really is. Good news is that I know 2.0.41 thru 2.0.44 CAPI ComISDN definately do work with v1 2M & 8M Eicon cards and v6.3 drivers and VoiceGuide will run!


Good luck!

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...Oh, and yes, when the ComISDN component is installed and the machine rebooted, then it is listed under the advanced tab in the phone/modem options in control panel, and yes, it has its own multi-tabbed control panel control where you can specify a number of device and line properties. If this is not available, redo the ComISDN installation. If the problem persists contact ComISDN for advice.

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Thanks for the step-by-step support!


Just letting you know how things went:


Did everything above, but in step 5, the expected settings dialog did not show up.


I've contacted Eicon support, who send me several testing tools and after a bunch of E-mails we came to the conclusion that my CAPI drivers would be the problem. Latest solution from Eicon:


- (1) Uninstall ComISDN TSP (run SETUP.EXE again and select uninstall).

- (2) Uninstall Eicon's drivers

- (3) Reboot

- (4) Reinstall Eicon's drivers

- (5) Check with attached utility (ACO-CT32) if things are better (main screen should simply report "… registered Application with ID …")

- (6) If yes, re-install ComISDN TSP ; If No, contact Eicon tech support.


Well, after step 6, still the same problem, no configuration options etc.


As a last resort, I put the Eicon card in another clean PC and everything worked!! Don't know what's wrong with the other PC (it's exactly the same hardware), but I'm happy it does work now.


Now I've got one other problem. I would like VG to pickup the line after 10 rings or 10 seconds, but before such an event happens the line is being disconnected. VG sees my call, it correctly displays the state of the script, but after 2 seconds it always disconnects the line, while the phone keeps ringing.


Hope somebody has got a solution.


Best Regards,


Wietse van den Brink.

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Now I've got one other problem. I would like VG to pickup the line after 10 rings or 10 seconds, but before such an event happens the line is being disconnected. VG sees my call, it correctly displays the state of the script, but after 2 seconds it always disconnects the line, while the phone keeps ringing

Have you tried starting the script without answering the call, and then in the script pause for 10 seconds before playing the first sound file? (playing the sound file will automatically answer the call)

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Tried everything, several combinations of letting scripts pick up or use the default line seconds, but the line always disconnects after some seconds. Only scripts working are the ones which pickup directly. Here's my last log; I used an executable called 'sleep.exe' to wait 10 seconds, but that's also not working. You can see 'Sleep.exe' running for 10 seconds, but the line was already disconnected before it ends:


101751,98 8 tapi callstate start

101751,98 8 tapi callstate OFFERING 66067 0 4

101751,98 8 eng Dont answer yet, wait for CallerID information. (timeout = 1 sec)

101751,98 8 timer set 1 EV_UNKNOWN_9030

101752,00 8 ev Lev_CallerID [570601999,,570601999]

101752,00 8 timer clear

101752,00 8 rv clear

101752,00 8 Terminating process (new call).

101752,00 8 Start without answering the call

101752,00 8 StartLoadedVgs at 17-2-2006 10:17:52, script interpretor VgMulti v5.2.5012 0

101752,00 8 rv ns add [scriptsPath]{C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\Scripts\}

101752,00 8 rv ns add [scriptPath]{C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\Scripts}

101752,00 8 rv lg add [$RV_STARTTIME]{17-2-2006 10:17:52}

101752,00 8 rv lg add [$RV_DEVICEID]{8}

101752,02 8 rv lg add [$RV_CIDNAME]{}

101752,02 8 rv ns add [PathApp]{C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\}

101752,02 8 rv lg add [$RV_CIDNUMBER]{570601999}

101752,02 8 rv lg add [$RV_DNIS]{570601999}

101752,02 8 rv lg add [DNIS]{570601999}

101752,02 8 timer clear

101752,03 8 state [Run Program 3] Run Program

101752,03 8 eng run shell [C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\sleep.exe 10] window=NormalFocus, wait=1

101752,03 8 Run Program waiting... (shellid=2652, process=1000)

101752,03 8 timer set 1 EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101752,08 0 dial start any summary:|8:hc>0|9:idx=0|

101753,11 8 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101753,11 8 ScriptEventCode 9007 iLineState=1501

101753,11 8 LsRunWaitTillFinished EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101753,11 8 task still running (shellid=2652, process=1000)

101753,11 8 timer set 1 EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101754,20 8 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101754,20 8 ScriptEventCode 9007 iLineState=1501

101754,20 8 LsRunWaitTillFinished EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101754,20 8 task still running (shellid=2652, process=1000)

101754,20 8 timer set 1 EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101755,30 8 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101755,30 8 ScriptEventCode 9007 iLineState=1501

101755,30 8 LsRunWaitTillFinished EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101755,30 8 task still running (shellid=2652, process=1000)

101755,30 8 timer set 1 EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE

101755,98 8 callinfo DEVSPECIFIC

101755,98 8 tapi callstate start

101755,98 8 tapi callstate DISCONNECTED 66067 1 0

101756,00 8 ScriptEventCode 9250 iLineState=1501

101756,00 8 LsRunWaitTillFinished EV_REMOTEPARTY_DISCONNECT

101756,00 8 rv lg add [Hangup Time]{17-2-2006 10:17:56}

101756,00 8 state Hanging up call...

101756,00 8 HangupCall_Common Mode=BeforeAnswerRun

101756,00 8 tapi callstate start

101756,02 8 tapi callstate IDLE 66067 0 0

101756,02 8 WorkingMode@Idle=

101756,02 8 timer clear

101756,02 8 timer set 1 EV_TIMEOUT_TIMETOREINITLINE

101757,05 8 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_TIMETOREINITLINE

101757,05 8 ScriptEventCode 9008 iLineState=900


101757,05 8 ReinitTelephony due to IDLE

101757,05 8 tapic lineDeallocateCall(MainCall:66067) 0

101757,06 8 lineOpen(8)=>

101757,06 8 state Waiting for a call...

101757,06 8 LineHandle=66101

101757,06 8 amchk set AMdet=False in Reinit@idle

101757,06 8 timer set 3 EV_TIMEOUT_ATERIDLE_ALLOWOUT

101757,08 0 dial start any summary:|8:rdy=0|9:idx=0|

101800,36 8 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_ATERIDLE_ALLOWOUT

101800,36 8 ScriptEventCode 9013 iLineState=900

101801,08 0 dial start any summary:|8:idx=0|9:idx=0|

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It does look like the disconnect is coming all of a sudden from the TAPI layer.


Seems like the drivers want the call to be answered immediately after call arriving, else they will disconnect the call.


I'm don't think the TAPI interface offers a way to send a "Call Progress" type messages which is probably what is required in this case...


Either way it looks like if you'd like to have an ISDN call answered after a certain time then you should look at getting an E1 connection and VG for Dialogic...


Why do you want to wait 10 seconds before answering the call?

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Either way it looks like if you'd like to have an ISDN call answered after a certain time then you should look at getting an E1 connection and VG for Dialogic...


We only need two phone lines and an answering machine solution with DTMF. Guess an E1 connection would be overkill. E1 would mean something like over 20 channels, right? Sorry, but I don't know very much in ISDN terminology :-)


Why do you want to wait 10 seconds before answering the call?

We first would like to be able to pick up the phone manually, if we don't get it in time, then after 10 seconds or 10 rings, we would like VG to pick up and use some DTMF option menu.


Our situation: NT1 wall socket, with splitted ISDN line, one line to Eicon card, one line to our Gesko PBX (with 2 analog phones connected)


Hope VoiceGuide fits in this situation. So far we really like the program, but we need the time before VG can do its work.

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Can the PBX be setup to transfer a ringing line to another extension if that line has not been answered within a time?

Then you'd attach VoiceGuide & Dialogic card to that other PBX extension.

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Unfortunately, our PBX has no extra S0 bus. It only has got analog ports, so we've got two options:


1) Look for a capi based solution; We've tried some software and the 'waiting before picking up' works. However, 'till now we prefer Voiceguide


2) Buy a new PBX with internal S0 port(s)


Anyway, thanks for all your help and we'll continue to find a solution one way or another.

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Can you attach a Dialogic card to the analog ports and have the PBX transfer the call on timeout to those analog ports?

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