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This forum is the main place for any discussions related to the VoiceGuide product line.

Please post any questions relating to VoiceGuide to this forum, rather then emailing them directly to the support email address. This forum is monitored by VoiceGuide support staff daily.


Questions recieved by support will also be posted here if the support team feels they will be of benefit to users of this forum.

This new forum was started on 30th January 2003.
A selection of prior recent posts was manually copied over from the previous forum. No registered user information was copied over - forum users will need to re-register.

The new forum allows Keyword Searching, which will prove to be usefull for looking up previous posts on a particular topic.

Registered users can also Subscribe to the forum, allowing you to keep up to date of any VoiceGuide related discussions.

We hope you will find the new forum useful, if you have any comments/wishes/recommendations on how we can improve it further we would always like to hear from you...

Katalina Technologies

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