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.net Web Service Giving Access Denied

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When I am trying to create VG object using .Net web service. It is giving Access denied error.


I have done the following:


Created a VB.Net Web Service.

Add VoiceGuide as reference to the project.

Tried to create voiceguide.commandline new instance.


And boom access denied error.


Any clue how to solve it.

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The object to create should be "VoiceGuide.CommandLink" not "voiceguide.commandline"



Was VoiceGuide started and running at the same time?

Have you tired running some of the sample VBScripts from VG's Help file?

eg. Try running this VBScript and see if it works on your system:

set vg = CreateObject("VoiceGuide.CommandLink")
vg.Admin_TraceLogAdd 0, 0, "This trace was printed from an external VB Script" 
set vg = Nothing

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