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Can't Get Dialogic To Paly

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Customer has vg4.8 plus a dialogic D41 and the sample included with dialogic is working but not voiceguide here is the log file


best regards




96531 4 tapie ring 2

96531 4 Answer the call

96531 4 lineAnswer(65621) => 65604

97062 4 tapie callstate CONNECTED 65621,1,0

97062 4 WorkingModeTAPI=

97062 4 WorkingModeScript=

97078 4 tapi Reply 65604 0

97078 4 TimeoutClear

97078 4 [Play 1] Playing

97078 4 [Play 1] Playing (C:\Program Files\Dialogic\SAMPLES\VOICE\sample11k.wav)

97109 4 Play Start line[4] err=[0 wavec waveOutOpen(0x0, 0x0,0x1fe5e8,0x0,0x0, 0x1) => 2 (MMSYSERR_BADDEVICEID) - format query] file[C:\Program Files\Dialogic\SAMPLES\VOICE\sample11k.wav]

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It looks like the Dialogic Wave Drivers have not been installed - or that

they are using Dialogic's System Release prior to version 5.


Which Dialogic sample program is the customer using to test? The TAPI

Talker32 demo application should be used to confirm that the Dialogic wave

drivers have been installed correctly. There is a step by step guide in the

VoiceGuide help file on how to install these drivers.


If customer uses D/41D they will need to download the u-Law files from:




and place them them in the /system/voicedlgc/ directory.

(if using VoiceGuide prior to v4.8.45 you should palce the new sound files in the /system/voice/ directory)

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