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Managing Log Files

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Hi there, I want to find out how best to manage the 3 call logging files which are created by VG. The problem with the trial/eval VG is that you don't get a chance to really work with these files, because the trial only runs for an hour! Anyway, here are my issues:


1. Do I have to have these files? is there a way to select just one or none of them? - reasons: they take up disc-space, I don't need them, they take CPU power to write, they are a security risk (credit-card numbers, PINs etc) and I will have to manage them! So, why not just have a control in the VG.INI (or somewhere) where I can choose which file(s) I want or switch em off altogether?


2. If I have to have these files, then do they they run for a day? or from VG start to finish? ie: if VG runs for 7 days on 20 lines, do I get 3 very big files or 3 files per day? It would appear that from the filenames that these are not "batched" up into days - and therefore, if they are open while VG is running, do I need to kill VG while I delete these files?


3. I find the file content somewhat confusing, since they hold "retry data" for modules, say it take 3 goes to get a PIN in, then all 3 trys are in the files, which it makes it difficult to parse, therefore I am not using these files, but writing my own via VBScript which is fine by me, but if the files just held valid results, it would save me a lot of time.


So, is there anything we can do to sort this? I suspect that at least one of the formats is used to keep track of VG operations, but as stated above I really don't want these files if possible!?!


Thanks - Tim.

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where I can choose which file(s) I want or switch em off altogether?

There are no controls over which files get written at this stage.

do I get 3 very big files or 3 files per day

3 big files.

if the files just held valid results, it would save me a lot of time.

They are log files - logging what happened on system. If you want specific data then the best thing to do is what you are doing right now - and use a VBScript or a Run Program module to write out just the data you want.

I really don't want these files if possible!?!

Easiest thing right now is to set up a small batch file which just deletes the 3 log files and schedule this batch file to run as often as you want - eg. every night.

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Its the security issue that worries me the most. Unless there is a fundamental reason to keep a log built into VG which is unavoidable, it could compromise a security audit and cause real problems.


Why not just bypass the logging routines with a setting in the VG.INI?


You really should consider this!


Anyway, as for deleting files every night, does this mean that they are 'closed' and I am able to delete with out sharing violations every night? Will VG crash if I delete logs with a VG call in progress? Or do I need to take VG down for a few minutes?


If taking VG down is the best solution, can I schedule a "quit/exit" call to VG in a batch file? If not, can we have a command-line switch (or something) to do this?

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If you are worried about security then you should ensure the entire machine is secure, not just a log file - after all VG can be made to display what keys caller pressed on the screen.


There is no need to shut down VG when deleting the log files.

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The rest of our process is secure. The screen will be running a password screen saver. The db connections are running over encrypted network links, the databases are encrypted ondisk and access is password protected. Only the VG part is insecure.


While the VG screen console is a risk, it is a much reduced one, as capturing a one or two numbers briefly either by writing down or screen capture limits the exposure and I can live with that, however, a log-file containing potentially thousands of credit-card numbers is an wide-open-door! Even when the file is deleted it is a risk. And so far it is a needless risk. You haven't given any reason why we should endure this risk!


If its just a log file - why can't we just switch it off ?!?!


What about some form of lateral thinking work-around, eg: could I set up a ramdisk are specify the file location? or if I can set a file location, could I write them to a "nul" file-device so they are lost automatically by piping them to nul? If this was possible, your code wouldn't have to change too drastically (which is I guess what you are really resisting).


C'mon VG, you guys are pretty good at listening to your customers as this forum demonstrates, surely I am not the only one who doesn't want log files !!! Perhaps it would help if any other VG customers chip-in with their 2cents by voting for or against a log-file switch?

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This is actually the first time that anyone around here remembers that someone has asked if the script's activity log files can be disabled, so this option was just never considered. We may be able to add this functionality for you but as this would be a specialized modification there will probably be a one-off charge for it.


Send an email to sales@voiceguide.com referencing this thread in the email and someone will come back to you with a quote.

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Okay thanks - I will do exactly that, but I really think this should be a standard feature and some time soonish!!

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I agree that we should be able to control the log files somehow.


I like the log files because I can see the calls that have come in and the variable assignments taking place in each.


However, I don't like them because we received 1000s of calls and I expect that these files will get very big indeed and slow down the system accordingly.


Can't we have a feature that allows us to set the maximum size or earliest date after which the oldest stuff gets deleted. If it is set to 'zero', then the log files won't store anything.


Please please please!!!

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To turn off log files just select the logging level to be "0" in VG for Dialogic, and in VG 5.2.4 just deselect the "Save Files in \log\ subdirectory" option.


These settings are available in the Log window that gets displayed when you select "View"->"Event Trace Log" menu.

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This is wrong - setting the debug/event logs to 0 in VG.INI is not what I or many other users are asking for: it the ability to turn off the VGL/CSV/XML logs that are generated on each call - the ones that the log-viewer opens.


I raised this some months back and so far at least 4 other people have agreed that the call logs are:


1. A waste of disc space and cpu power

2. A security risk, especially if credit-cards are involved

3. A burden to manage


We should have the option to turn them off or on as needed.


Please; seriously reconsider providing this functionality.

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