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10 Sec Timeout

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Hi there, when playing a sound file in the beginning of my script VoiceGuide it just hangs up before the sound file is done playing, the sound file is only 4 sec's long.

When looking at the event log, it shows that its a timeout 10 second hangup...

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i tried another longer sound file and the same thing happens :

82011.04 5 PlaySoundStart ok [C:\IVR\SMP 011-test.wav]

082011.07 5 timer clear

082011.09 5 RunModule PLAY end

082011.13 5 wa(13566,62990000)

082011.16 5 callinfo MONITORMODES

082024.74 5 wb(62990000)

082024.80 5 play end current play (playid=629900)

082024.84 5 ScriptEventCode 8001 iLineState=1100

082024.86 5 LsPlayMsg EV_PLAY_FINISHED

082024.89 5 timer set 10 EV_TIMEOUT_HANGUP

082024.91 5 timer set 15 EV_TIMEOUT_GOTOMODULE

082039.85 5 timer fired EV_TIMEOUT_GOTOMODULE

082039.87 5 ScriptEventCode 9002 iLineState=1101

082039.90 5 LsPlayMsgFinished EV_TIMEOUT_GOTOMODULE

082039.93 5 timer clear

082039.96 5 rv add [Hangup Time]{2/14/2005 8:20:39 AM}

082039.98 5 Hanging up call... [Hangup Module]

082040.03 5 RecSoundStop ok


is there a way to disable that 10 second timeout ?


i've attached one of the files we using


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It looks like you are using a voice modem that does not stop the previous play properly, and that is in turn causing other problems...


What modem are you using?


Which version of VG are you using?


Could you please post the MMDDtw.txt log file (see \log\ subdirectory) which captures the entire call from the beginning.

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We need the MMDDtw.txt log file - see in VG's \log\ subdirectory.



But looking back through the post I see that the sound file you attached and describe as being 4 seconds is in fact 13 seconds... so the original trace does not actual have any problem in it - we see VG starting playing of a 13 second sound file in full, then you have a timeout path of 15 seconds going to some other module but it looks like the script hangs up instead of taking that path.


Are you sure the 15 second timeout path is specified properly?


Please post the script which you are using.

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The error that is happening here is that the sound files you have created are getting stopped by VoiceGuide before they get fully played.


It looks like this is because the WAV file you are creating is saved with some unusual options that is confusing either the length calculations that VG makes before playing the sound file or it confuses the wav file playing routines themselves


I think that if you used any of the sound files which came with VG you'll find that they play fine and do not get cut off like this.


The .wav file you attached has a large 'PAD' section at the beginning of the sound file. I suspect that the Dialogic WAV drivers were playing this part as well - so effectively the wav file starts playing later then it should and VG intervenes when it detects that the sound file appears to be playing for too long and forcefully stops the playback.


What sound editor are you using to create your sound files?


Try opening them in normal Windows' sound editor and then saving them again in the correct format preferred by Dialogic - PCM 11kHz 8bit Mono



As for the timeout path - we can see from the traces that it correctly waits and goes to the appropriate module after the correct amount of time expired, so there are no problems there...

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thanks, that worked....

I dunno what editor was used, we got some studio to do that for us.


I just resaved the files with Nero Wave Editor and it did the trick.


Thanks alot for your guys support, much appreciated :)

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