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14 Simultaneous Calls

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Hi, my name is Armando


The reason i post is, i need to make 14 Simultaneous Notification Calls to my list of clients (the list is about 850,000 clients).


this proyect is in 4 steps,


First to call monthly about 50,000 clients (1 to 3rd month)

Second to call monthly about 250,000 clients (4th to 6th month)

Third to call monthly about 500,000 Clientes (6th to 9th month)

Fourt to call monthly all the Data Base. (about the 12th month)


The aplication need to make calls to the clients and play a speech and take 1 data from the Access DB (in spanish, only the date) and make the funcion of IVR to send the call, if it needed, to another location (make a call)




"Hi, we are calling from XXXXXX to notify you that this (date from the DB) you bill will expire, we appreciate if you pay your bill as soon is posible. if you want to know the amount of your bill please press 0, in other case only hang up, in advance THANK YOU"


The DB is in Access, the rows are like


First row: the Client_Id

Second row: the CLient_Phone

Third row: the bill_exp (date)



I need that the aplication write to the DB, if the call was complete or it was busy, fax, free air.


Now you know more/less what a want to do. Can you help me to start this proyecto, what i need is:



if yes, the can you tell me the specifications of the HW i need to buy.


thank for all..


any question pls send me a email to armando.reyna@gmail.com or areyna@arkanes.com.mx

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i have a error in the post the bill to the clients are every 2 months, so each month the number of clients are the haft..

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VoiceGuide Dialer can do what you describe below, and is used in a number of similar applications already.


Please see our WWW from where you can download the fully working evaluation version of the software.

The demonstrations supplied will get you running in a matter of minutes.


For 14 line system a 1GHz Pentium4 with 256MB RAM is fine.

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