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Hi all


I use a dialogic d/4 board to answer the phone I have connected 4 extensions from my BPX which are all ringing at the same time so I wrote this code


(($RV_LINEID = 7) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 2) )) or

(($RV_LINEID = 8) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 4) )) or

(($RV_LINEID = 9) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 6) )) or

(($RV_LINEID = 10) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 8) ))


Is there a better way of doing this?



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This is pretty much the only approach to ensure that only one of the lines picks up the call in a situation where all the extensions ring at once.

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Is there someting like this

(($RV_LINEID = 7) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 2) )) or


(($RV_LINEID = 8) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 2)



(($RV_LINEID = 9) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 2)



(($RV_LINEID = 10) and ($RV_RINGCOUNT > 2)


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