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Pulse detection

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We are using D41Epci, these cards have the capability to detect pulse tone dial, the fungtion is enabled in the dialog command center utilty but your program is not able to detect it. 24 % of the clients have pulse dial and they are not able to work with the system hence your software is not able to detect it. please help me wiht this.



I spoke to our developers and after looking into it they said that it looks like in the current version of VoiceGuide pulse detection was not gettng turned on everywhere... - they then proceeded to fix on the spot...

Please install v4.8.45 of VoiceGuide, then download:


[old link removed]

and unzip the OCX file in your Window's system32 directory (replacing the previous one that v4.8.45 installed)

This OCX enables the PULSE detection, so if you have it enabled on your card then you should see the signals come through...

I could not test it myself, as I did not have a pulse phone handy so I'm looking forward to any comments you may have...

This OCX will of course be in the next release of VoiceGuide.

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