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how do I start doing this...

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ok here is what I would like to do this is simply a learning excercise for me.


I want the call to come in and for voiceguide to check the caller id against a database of numbers to see if the number exist if it does then I want the program to alert me if it does not exist then I want the program to ask the user to enter the number and speak their name, then have the program alert me with the name they recorded.


Kinda call screening I guess


I need to know how to do this according to the modules we are using.


Also what version of access (database) does this program use?





Well, I'm not no expert on voice guide, but I do know that I have tested several IVR programs, and by far Katalina did a great job on the user interface. Its for lack of a better word " Idiot proof " just make sure you covered all the out comes of each module, IE Timeout, Fail, Pass, Digits 1-9, and it will work.


Its a rather complicated process, but yet simple. You would need to create your data base, ie caller ID Number, Name, etc.. And From what i remember, you would need to make modules before any others that evaluate the caller ID info and check the data base, to decide how to handle the call. I do not know myself how to do a data base query, I have not actually done one, but I have read the description, and it seems very easy. I guess the best thing to do if you rlike me and don;t know sqwat about VB or Scripting, cut & paste the examples, or sample scripts, and modify it.


Most important, have two lines so you can test your creation. I use my cell phone for testing, you should see the Loooooonnnngggg list of calls to my own number.


What you want to do is possible. Heres kinda an analgy that might help you, actual result variables may not be named right in here...


Check $RV_CallerID &/Or $RV_CIDNAME with Query module, then use the "if" function, ie IF its in the data base to go to module 1, where if $RV_CALLERID False, or not in data base, then goto module 2. In module 2 tree/subtree, get it to do what you want, IE ask to record name, and key in telephonenumber. Then get VG to PLAY the file it just created, IE With the Record Voice module name the file name as something, IE use $RV_CALLERID.wav or something, then get a following module to play that $RV[Module] Or the result of that module. You can do this by using the RUN external program, I would think that Media player could do this. This is so that it plays the audio on YOUR speakers, not the phone, while it does this, make sure you put a song.wav file while the program runs so the person has something to listen to. Then If you get fancy with VB script you can get a window to pop up that when you click it, it will point the script to the HANGUP module, or if it times out, say in 30 seconds, your script will follow the timeout path, for instance to go to voicemail, transfer call to cell, whatever you want.


Its all possible.


WHAT *I* am trying to work on is to somehow connect POTS telephone line to sound card to enable TCP/IP to phone gateway, or the reverse. Reason being, Wireless CDPD Aircard in notebook, netmeeting or other audio transport, to connect to Server to open phone line ( By AT#VTS=??????? ) ? to create touch tones and dial a number.


This is only ONE way I will get around that stupid cost of longdistance. The other, well... I can;t discuss here :) Not illegal, just immoral...


HOPE that babbling helped ya






yes bobcat that helped me get the thoughts in the right direction. Fortunatly (sp) I do have some exp in VB so the scripts are pretty simple. I use Visual FoxPro but of course can convert access to fox so the database is no problem. I am just playing around with Voiceguide and like it a lot we have a few small programs we want to run that will tie in with a bigger commercial program. This question was just an idea I had to do at home and would give a me a reason to justify the purchase of VG for my personal use to the "OLD LADY"

:0 Do not know if you understand but I imagine you do :)


Thanks for the response if I ever get it done maybe I will send you a copy and we can see if we can improve it.


I got about a billion things going on in FEB including moving to another state but after that maybe I can get serious about using VG and seeing just what it can do.


My problem is I will still be developing programs in this state using VG and will be living else where


OH well again thanks


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