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callque table

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in the callque table 

The isrequestcomplete field is "f" by default. When you make the phone call, do you change it to "Y"   ? Do you update the updatedAT field with the date and time the call was made?

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VoiceGuide Dialer does not use a field named "isrequestcomplete" in the callque table.

You can view the SQL files in "C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\System\setup" to see what tables and fields VoiceGuide uses.

The "updatedAT" field looks like a field that PostgreSQL itself adds to tables, and PostgreSQL itself updates that field.

VoiceGuide keeps track of the outgoing call outcome in the "calltrack" table, and the "cdrin" and "cdrout" tables.

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If we add three fields to the callque  table so we don't have to read the calltrack table.


isrequestedcomplete = change from (F)alse to (T)rue  when done 

UpdateAT                     = Time and date call was made

Results                          = the results of the call 


We will be send all information to callque table and we have a cronjob that will be looking in the  callque table all the isrequestedcomplete that have been changed to yes to move to another

table Do you think this can be done ?



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You can add extra fields to any of the database tables that the VoiceGuide software uses internally. Adding extra fields will not affect VoiceGuide operation.

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