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Evaluation license - call stops after 36s

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we are testing voiceguide with an evaluation license. The test call is always stopping after 36s.

Is this normal because of the test license?


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VoiceGuide does not automatically limit length of calls just because the software is running in evaluation mode.

If you can post vgEngine/ktTel traces we can see what has happened on the call and advise.

There are ways of limiting total length of call - but this would need to have been explicitly set up.


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Traces show the remote side disconnected the call.

ktTel trace shows:

423 123325.479 51520   3   1 ev    GCEV_DISCONNECTED crn=8000001 q: 3/3

WireShark can also be used to confirm that the disconnect was sent from the other side.

Also, the ktTel trace shows that the SIP Register request to register VoiceGuide as extension 802 on PBX at failed. Please see ktTel excerpt below:

171 123131.727 51520         WARN  IPEC_REG_FAIL_serverResponseDataMismatch : there was a mismatch between the internal IP CCLib data, and the data contained in the Registrar's response.
172 123131.727 51520         WARN  **********************************************
173 123131.727 51520         WARN  SIP_REGISTER Failed
174 123131.727 51520         WARN  **********************************************
175 123131.727 51520         NOTE  Most likely the Contact: field in Registrar's response was different then the Contact: field in the Register request sent out by VoiceGuide.
176 123131.727 51520         NOTE  Some SIP Registrars ignore the Contact: field sent to them and set their own instead.
177 123131.727 51520         NOTE  Please use WireShark to confirm contents of the SIP Registraton messages exchanged.
178 123131.727 51520         NOTE  Please set the LocalAlias field in VoiceGuide's Config.xml to match the Contact: field in Registrar's responses.
179 123131.727 51520         NOTE **********************************************



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