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Voiceguide answers inbound calls but can't place outbound calls

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My VoiceGuide answers inbound calls but can't place outbound calls. Can you please suggest things I should check and what most likely can be a reason. The firewall and antivirus are disabled. My CallEvent file looks like this: 


  "length": "0.193"

Thanks a lot.

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This post seems to be very similar to the post made here:


In that previous post you were seeing your system fully working with Callcentric. ie: VoiceGuide was answering and handling inbound calls from Callcentic that arrived at VoiceGuide (after a caller dialed a number used by your Callcentric account and Callcentric forwarded that call to VoiceGuide), and also VoiceGuide was successfully placing outbound calls through Callcentric to external numbers.

In that previous post you reported that at the same time as you were seeing the VoiceGuide working with Callcentric, you were seeing the voicemailtel.net provider replying with a "403 Forbidden" to SIP REGISTER and SIP INVITE requests that VoiceGuide/HMP sent to voicemailtel.net.

Are you still seeing voicemailtel.net replying with a "403 Forbidden" to VoiceGuide/HMP's SIP REGISTER and SIP INVITE requests?

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