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 kindly assit, 

we creating an external db to capture and store some filed,   and  "subscriber type"  i.e. calling prefix , a data we want to capture ,   what API can we use . 

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how about for outbound calls,  were we want to be capturing the prefix of out bound call numbers , to our external data base ... ?

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You want to save the prefix of the outgoing number into your own database?

Sounds like you could just have that written to your database by the same process that will be loading the outbound numbers into VoiceGuide... no?

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Are you going to be loading outgoing calls manually using the Outbound Call Loader app?

The prefixes added to the loading numbers can be set on the "Rules" tab of the Outbound Call Loader app:


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- depends on the number of subscribers to call,  else we  load numbers via am excel sheet 

- so with the  attache the data keeps the prefix ?  and which API do we use to retrieve that and store in our own data base?



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After loading the numbers but before the loaded numbers start being dialed you can retrieve the prefix used for each number from VoiceGuide's internal database callque table.

callque table has a column PhoneNumberPrefix that stores the prefix.

More information on the database used by the callque table can be found here: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/dial_vgdb_external_config.htm

The contents of the callque table can also be seen using the "SQL" tab of the Outbound Call Loader app:



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