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I have a 4-channel dialogic card and I want to use it with voiceguide

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Esteban wrote:

Buenas trades, por favor alguien me puede ayudar tengo una tarjeta dialogic de 4 canales y quiero utilizar con voiceguide, tengo un grandstream FXS Ports con 4 extensiones que estan configuradas para una PBX asterisk, como puedo hacer para poder hacer llamadas al moemnto no puedo


Google Translate:

Good trades, please can someone help me, I have a 4-channel dialogic card and I want to use it with voiceguide, I have a grandstream FXS Ports with 4 extensions that are configured for an Asterisk PBX, how can I make calls at the moment I can't

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Have you installed the VoiceGuide software and tried placing calls into the system?

Have you confirmed that the Grandstream FXS is correcly set up by attaching analog telephones to the Grandstream FXS ports, and confirming the telephone connection works when you try dialing those telephones through your PBX?


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