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VoiceGuide created some tables in our SQL Database

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Hello VG Support,

We have noticed today one of our guests' SQL databases that is connected to VoiceGuide has "guest" schema with some VG internal tables created under it.

Since we are using SQL DB, we have created and been using the main tables, such as cdrin, cdrout and portouse etc, under dbo schema in SQL Server, and did not expect VG to create its own tables under our database.

And we also noticed some other customers who maybe use different versions of VG have not been impacted by this.

So our questions are,

1. Is this configurable to make VG NOT create the schema and tables on its own in our database (so that we continue using SQL database without having those VG-creted tables)?

2. If we delete those tables, schema and user "guest" created from the SQL DB, will VoiceGuide still function without any issues? (It seems VG is still using our tables under "dbo" schema)



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This section of the VoiceGuide online help covers the setup and use of databases:


From that above page:


VoiceGuide will create all the necessary Tables/Indexes/etc the first time it uses the user specified database.

As per above: if a Connect string has been set  in VoiceGuide's Config.xml specifying the database VoiceGuide should be using instead of VoiceGuide's default local SQLite file, then VoiceGuide will create in that user-specified database the tables that VoiceGuide needs.

If at some future time you would like VoiceGuide to use a different database instead, and provide VoiceGuide with a new Connect string to use (or not provide any user-set Connect string and have VoiceGuide revert to using the default SQLite file) then you can delete the database/tables that are no longer used by VoiceGuide.


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Since what version of VG did it start creating those tables under SQL server? (We've been using VG more than 15 years now, and you know it did not do that before.)

We have been distributing this version (7.6.42) for most of our customers and noticed some of the SQL databases still do not have VG-created tables.

Is there some kind of setting that enables/disables creations of those tables under SQL Server? We are trying to resolve this duplicate table issue (in two different schemas) if possible and continue using the tables we have added to "dbo" schema.



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If you want VoiceGuide to use a database of your choice for its internal Dialer/ACD/VMB/CDRs/etc. related storage then you need to set a Connect string to that database in the Config.xml file - in the <Dialer> section of the Config.xml file.

If you are happy with VoiceGuide using the default SQLite database (in VoiceGuide's \data\ subdirectory) then do not set any connect string in the Config.xml file.

If the Connect string is not provided then VoiceGuide will not use an external database for its internal Dialer/ACD/VMB/CDRs/etc. related storage. Indeed it would not even be aware of any external database's existence, let alone how to connect to it.

The <Dialer> section of the Config.xml file is the only place where you specify if an external database is to be used for VoiceGuide's internal Dialer/ACD/VMB/CDRs/etc. related storage. The Connect string provided there - or not provided there - determines which database is used for VoiceGuide's internal Dialer/ACD/VMB/CDRs/etc. related storage.

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