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BYE send out right after 202 Accepted receive for ERFER request

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We have issue for transfer function in version 7.7.4 with User-Agent setup in VG.ini. Right after 202 Accepted arrived, BYE send out immediately. It drop the call before call been transfer to other number. It did not happen in version 7.7.3. For Version 7.7.3, if 202 Accepted received and NOTIFY never send back, VG will wait for 30 second to send out BYE request. If NOTIFY did come back, then BYE request send out. 


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The posted traces only show the REFER transfer on v7.7.4 system.

Can you please post traces of how the REFER transfer is handled in your environment when v7.7.3 is used.

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The provided VoiceGuide traces show that a "Blind" transfer type was specified.

It sounds like you want to use the "Monitored" transfer type.

Please change transfer type to "Monitored" and forward traces when the "Monitored" transfer type is used.

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