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Database Query Module issue

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I have issue to use database query module. The error that I can find from script log is "An OLE DB Provider was not specified in the ConnectionString.  An example would be, 'Provider=SQLOLEDB;'".

I did try to add "Provider=SQLOLEDB;'" before Data Source, but it didn't fix the issue.



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vgEngine trace shows:

230358.095  20   8   2     2       db    did not find ado.net data provider : [System.data.SqlClient]

Perhaps the ADO.NET data provider matching is case sensitive ?

Please try using:


as your specified ADO.NET data provider. Note that the middle word of the above "System.Data.SqlClient" is "Data" with a capital "D", not "data" with a lowercase "d".


vgEngine trace shows that you also have a separate module "LocZip2_Hold" playing sound file hold.wav before starting the "LocZipResp_Search" module that does the database query.

Database Query module can play a sound file while performing the database query, and then you have option for that module to complete that sound file play even if the database query returns earlier. This may be a better approach instead of completing the playing that hold.wav file in a previous module before starting the database query.

You can of course also tell the Database Query module to stop playing of that 'on-hold' sound file as soon as the database query returns.

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If your connection string includes a password then please change that password after posting traces on the public Support Forum.

VoiceGuide traces do not obscure any part of the database connection string. This is to aid in debugging.

If your database connection string includes a password then that password will be visible as part of the connection string logged in the trace file.

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