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Blue screen error: IRQL NOTE LESS OR EQUAL

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We obtained the latest version of Voiceguide Voip and the latest version of Dialogic HMP from your download page and installed them on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

We are testing with a 1-port license.

Every time a call comes into the IVR it works for a few seconds but then we get this blue screen error:


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Windows has all the latest updates installed.

Voiceguide has only the default settings and script on the default 1-port setup.

Logs attached.



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Traces show that you are running this Win10 system on a Hyper-V virtual machine.

We recommend using a Server category Windows OS to run VoiceGuide, and on a dedicated machine, or in a VMware virtual machine.

To test on Hyper-V you can use the previsions version of HMP - the one that is listed on our Downloads page for use with "Windows: 2008, 8.1Pro, 7 SP1" (HMP Service Update 393)

HMP Service Update 393 supports Windows 10 (and Win2016 and Win2019)

To change HMP versions you need to fully uninstall previous version of HMP and restart Windows before installing new HMP version. Do not save any configuration when uninstalling.

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You are running this system on a Hyper-V virtual machine, but we recommend running VoiceGuide on a dedicated machine, or in a VMware virtual machine.


Your site over here says clearly that Hyper-V deployments are supported and makes no mention of it being not-recommended.

See below:


Furthermore, we've been using the previous version of VoiceGuide (with HMP Service Update 375) in Hyper-V for 5 years without incident. It works fine.

At this time we are considering upgrading to the latest version of VoiceGuide, but only if we don't have to abandon Hyper-V.
We will gladly use HMP Service Update 393 (which you mentioned) if necessary.

In light of the above..

Are you sure that Hyper-V deployments are not recommended?

Please explain.

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Solution works fine on Hyper-V when older versions of HMP are used, but currently does not work on Hyper-V when latest versions of HMP are used.

So because of this we have been trying to steer users away from Hyper-V, and instead have users deploy on platforms that can run latest HMP.

But at the same time Hyper-V is still included in list of supported systems - because it works, although with the 'must use older HMP' caveat...

So hopefully the above explains why Hyper-V support is considered a bit of grey area right now.


If you use 393 you should have a stable system on Hyper-V.

You actually should still be able to use HMP Service Update 375 with the current latest version of VoiceGuide, so as 375 has been deployed for 5 years on your existing system then you could consider continuing to use 375 on your new system also.

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