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dialing *70 and comming back to the line

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Purpose: Make the line busy that when call waiting is enabled so that if one chennel is occupied the called does not think that no one is picking up on the other side, they get a busy signal.


Manual solution: if you are talking to a person > flash and dial *70 and it would make that line busy for the next caller, until the current caller is handeld.


Question: how to do this with your software? :oops:






You can use Play modules to issue hookflash and DTMF tones.


You will need to use two play modules here- the first one to isse the hookflash, then have a timeout path (wait a delay of say 1 second) leading to the next Play module which issues the *70.


To specify hookflash just type "!" by itself in the Sound File text field. In the second module type "*70"...


When using Dialogic card you'd probably be better to specify the signal as:




the comma is a pasue character and will result in a short pause between the hookflash and the *70.


Modem TAPI drivers do not understand the pause character That is one of the reasons why you need to use two Play modules with a timoeout path linking them to send the equivalent of "!,*70"


Modems' TAPI drivers also get confused if a hookflash is combined with a DTMF string. that is why "!*70" will not play on most modems - this is another reason why you need to use two modules with a timoeout path linking them...


Please make sure you are using v4.8.45 of VoiceGuide or later...

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