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I'm trying to do a VG test install. A SIP line is to be registered. HMP is installed. The computer is new. Firewall is disabled. UAC is disabled. With a tool MicroSip Portable I can connect to the line and make calls. Attached is a PDF with the ConfigFile and the Wireshark logs. Can you please help me?

Regards Frank







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The "3_Try" and "4_Try" attempts show your SIP PB (AASTRA OpenCom 150 ?) respond with a "401 Unauthorized".

So looks like the Authentication on VoiceGuide side was not correctly set up as VoiceGuide was not responding to the 401 with an authenticated Register.


In your <VoIP_Authentication> section in the Config.xml file what is the value in the <AuthUsername> field?

Have you tried using:





Also, the <RegClient> in the <VoIP_Registration> section should be:



Please post VoiceGuide's vgEngine and ktTel traces capturing VoiceGuide service startup if you still encounter issues.
















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Sorry, I've been testing a wide variety of settings for a few hours. I renamed the user name in the telephone system from UserSIP to 40... no success With MicroSIP I type in the required values and immediately i have a connect.


When I use these settings I get Forbidden... What can I do???








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Trace shows the SIP Authentication is now correctly set up from VoiceGuide's side.

The "401 Unauthorized" is correctly replied to by VoiceGuide with the second REGISTER containing the response code.

You will need to ask the administrator of the PBX at as to why that PBX replied with 403 Forbidden to this valid SIP REGISTER.

Is it possible that this PBX is only allowing extensions to be registered using certain types of soft-phone only, and not all generic SIP devices?

The logs from PBX at should show why that PBX decided to reject what looks to be a valid standard-SIP registration.





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