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IVR script/scenario change

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How can i change the IVR scenario for Inbound calls ?

It s playing one ivr script.



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This is set in Config.xml file, which is in .VoiceGuide's \conf\ subdirectory.


from https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/install_v7_dialogichmp.htm :


Configuring VoiceGuide

VoiceGuide configuration is set using the following files: VG.INI and Config.xml

VG.INI file is located in VoiceGuide's main directory.

Config.xml file is located in VoiceGuide's \conf\ subdirectory.

Config.xml is used to set what lines/channels are opened by VoiceGuide and what script is to be used when answering incoming calls on each of those lines/channels.

Sample Config files are provided showing how to set up the Config.xml file for larger systems.

If not running as Administrator then some permission changes may need to be made to allow editing of Config.xml, VG.INI, etc. files.

In Windows Explorer:

    Right click on the VoiceGuide directory

    Select Properties

    Go to the Security tab

    Make the necessary changes

Alternatively, the text editor application used to edit the Config.xml, VG.INI, etc. files would need to be started using the 'Run as administrator' option.
Then Windows will not block the saving of new versions of Config.xml, VG.INI, etc. files.


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