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"re-play Prior 10 Secs" Feature/command?

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I have some pretty long voice messages in my scripts.


Is there some way to have the caller press a digit that will cause the system to replay the prior 10 seconds? Kind of a "back up 10 seconds and repeat what you said" feature.


I have a "press x to replay this message" option and I repeat things like phone numbers, but these strategies are limited.


I know I can create a different .wav file for each sentence or paragraph and call the Play modules one right after the other, but this approach has too many limitations (my lazyness chief amoungst them!).


Is there a way to write a subroutine that could do a 10-second restart?



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"Rewind" and "Fast Forward" of played messages is not supported at this stage. It has been asked for by a number of users and we will be implementing it when time allows...

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