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Migrating from ver 2.6 to 7.6.39 and need help bad.  I have tied for 2 months to figure this out and still can't get it to work.  The preset demo works but I can't get my own script to work.  Also software times out in 3 min or 3 test calls before it stops with the alert "evaluation Period ended"  

Can you write me a script for "auto Attendant".  using a Dialogic 4 port card and analog phone lines.  Once the basics are written I should be able to modify it and expand on it.

Need it to answer after 3 rings, --  time control Day/afterhours, -- daytime 3 options,  -- Option 1 digit 3 will transfer a call to a cell phone using flash hook.  -- Option 2  Digit 4 will go to a mail box and text owner of call sending caller ID,  --  Option 3 Digit 5 will go to a mailbox and email owner of call sending caller ID.

I miss the old software worked MANY years great,  Hayes modem died leaving us in a mess

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Forgot to ask,  The old software was able to alpha page.  I didn't see that option in the new software.  If it is still available please add that option in the script as well.........THANKS

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Can you write me a script for "auto Attendant". 

Demo scripts are installed in VoiceGuide's \Scripts\ subdirectory.

A simple Auto Attendant demo script will be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\AutoAttendant\AutoAttendant.vgs



Need it to answer after 3 rings

That is set in Config.xml file, using the <RingsBeforeAnswer> setting.

Config.xml file is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\conf" directory

VoiceGuide needs to be restarted after changing the Config.xml file, so VoiceGuide can read in the new settings.



The old software was able to alpha page.

Alphanumeric paging module which made VoiceGuide call paging gateway and send the pager message directly using DTMF or modem was removed in v7. 

Paging companies these days provide an email->pager gateway, so you can just use the "Send Email" module to send the email to them which they then forward to the pager.

Many paging companies also provide a Web Service to do that as well, so you can use the "Web Service" module to create a page by sending the message to their Web Service.

VoiceGuide v7 currently ships with the older v6 Script Designer which still has the Pager Message module in its GUI, but that module is not supported directly in VoiceGuide v7

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clarified paging support.

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