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HMP Driver: Flexera FlexNet Vulnerability?

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Hello Support team,

We got a question from one of our customers today that they have detected Security Vulnerability issues on "Flexera FlexNet Publisher" on IVR Server, which is part of HMP Driver.

This is something we didn't realize that it was a part of HMP Driver, and could not find out any interface or software that shows from HMP software.

Do you know how we can check the version of "Fixera FlexNet" from HMP driver, and if the current HMP driver (from your download link) will resolve this? (The version should be 11.16.2 or higher) 

Thanks in advance. 



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The latest Dialogic HMP drivers for VoiceGuide - 'Service Update 538’ - use FlexNet v11.16.4  - which have the vulnerabilities fixed.

'Service Update 538’ drivers are available for download from the VoiceGuide Downloads page. Direct download link is:


To use the ‘Service Update 538’ HMP driver will require using the latest version of VoiceGuide (currently v7.6.41)


You can check your current FlexNet version by looking at properties of this file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\bin\lmtools.exe

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