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Send Mail -- Is TLS 1.2 support for Office 365 Connection?

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I am running Voiceguide version 7.5.19 and emails have stopped working for me and I believe this may be related to Microsoft Office 365 requiring TLS requiring version 1.2.   The script log shows "ok" for email sent but no emails are coming through.

Can you please advise what version of TLS  is used for sending email?    Is there a way to ensure that it is version 1.2 or higher?

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The current version of VoiceGuide supports TLS v1.2

v7.5.x did not support TLS 1.2

What method are you using to send the emails?

Can you please post the vgEngine trace capturing the email sending attempt. We can then see what is happening on the system and advise.

Please .ZIP up the traces before posting.

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I am using the email module, send method #1, configured for SMTP with port 587.  Authentication is enabled and I am providing my email credentials for smtp.office365.com .   I have attached the vgEngine trace, which shows the email was inserted for queuing and async return appears to be true.

Office365 is requiring TLS 1.2 now so I am pretty confident that is the concern.  Is there a patch or some other solution to fix this situation?   Our small business is already challenged with COVID and upgrading to 7.6 on a 4 enterprise license is likely something we cannot afford.  Hoping you can help resolved this situation as it's business impacting and we are somewhat disappointed that email module isn't supporting newer security protocols.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Current version of VoiceGuide can send emails using TLS v1.2

You will need to update to current version to use TLS 1.2

Please contact sales@voiceguide.com for information on the cost of upgrading your system to current version.

The version that is currently installed on your system is over 5 years old.

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Did the log confirm it's not working due to TLS 1.2?

Is it possible to get me a link to the old license installer because it's not on the download section.  I would like to try something else before contacting sales as we are really not in a position financially to update this production 4 line license and our test development license.  

This problem is isolated to the Vgsender -- correct?  CAn't it be patched or is there a way to put in a shim and relay locally until we can afford to update the license?

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The errors messages in the log are consistent with the communication failure being to inability of the older version to use TLS v1.2

You can download and use the current latest version in Evaluation more to confirm correct operation of the current version of VoiceGuide.

The version that is currently installed on your system is over 5 years old. We do not have older versions available for download.

Not aware of any workarounds or local relays etc. that could be used here.

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