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I followed the VoiceGuide installation guide by installing
1.Voip driver(HMP)
2.VoiceGuide v7.6.40
everything went well and the interface is displayed normally.....
My question is how to test it to see the demo.?? According to I plan to see emulator of the phone on which I can press the buttons...

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from https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/install_v7_dialogichmp.htm :


Testing VoiceGuide

Make a test call into the system as described before: by dialing the IP address of the system from VoIP phone, or from a softphone on another system.

VoiceGuide should answer the call and start the demonstration 'Credit Card Payment' script, which asks caller to enter some details (card number, amount etc.) and the plays the entered information back to the caller.

The demonstration script is located in VoiceGuide's \Scripts\Credit Card Payment\ subdirectory.

After you hear the demonstration script answer the call you are now ready to start creating your own scripts, make outgoing calls etc.

The Script Designer and other VoiceGuide applications can be started by right-clicking on the IVR tray icon and selecting from the context menu.

If not running as a user with Administrator privileges then you will not be able to stop and start the VoiceGuide service using the VoiceGuide Service Monitor applet from the icon tray. You will need to use: Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Services



NOTE: The testing softphone MUST NOT be installed on the same system as VoiceGuide/Dialogic HMP.

It must be installed on some other system.

There can be no other SIP software that uses SIP 5060 port installed on same system as Dialogic HMP.

Only one software can use the SIP 5060 port at a time.


One softphone that can dial the IP address directly is MicroSIP: https://www.microsip.org

Once MicroSIP is installed the IP address by itself can be just entered as the number to call, and MicroSIP will dial that IP address directly.

Note: The 'Full' version of MicroSIP should be used. The 'Lite' versions of MicroSIP cannot dial the IP address directly.


Another softphone that can dial the IP address directly is Linphone: http://www.linphone.org

With Linphone the SIP address to be dialed must be prefixed with "sip:" eg: sip: will dial IP address directly.

Also please select Linphone's Options->Preferences menu, and set the following:

Network Settings tab : Media Encryption is set to 'None'

Codecs tab: only enable the PCMU and PCMA codecs, and disable the rest.


Another older softphone that can also dial the IP address directly is SJPhone.

Once SJPhone is installed the IP address by itself can be just entered as the number to call, and SJPhone will dial that IP address directly.


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