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VG 7 / HMP / SIP no incomming call

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I installed the HMP driver and VG 7

The SIP is registered, but no incomming calls i can do.

what could be the reason for this, how can I test it?


The Firewall is offline.

When i use on the same system the softphone Zoiper i can dial an receive calls.

What can i do?



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Is Zoiper installed on same machine as VoiceGuide? No other VoIP software can be installed on same system.

If after removing all other VoIP software if you are still encountering problems then please use WireShark (https://www.wireshark.org) to capture the VoIP (SIP and RTP) messaging coming into the VoiceGuide system.

Start WireShark capture before placing the calls, and then make a call into the system. Then post the WireShark's .pcapng file of SIP and RTP messages along with the VoiceGuide's ktTel trace.

To view/save just the SIP and RTP messages specify this in the WireShark's 'Filter' options text box:

sip || rtp

When saving you have the option to save just the displayed trace entries, so you only save the SIP and RTP, and not all other network traffic as well.


From VoiceGuide Installation Instructions for VoIP systems:



NOTE: The testing softphone MUST NOT be installed on the same system as Dialogic HMP.

It must be installed on some other system.

There can be no other SIP software that uses SIP 5060 port installed on same system as Dialogic HMP.

Only one software can use the SIP 5060 port at a time. 


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