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Dialogic software can not find the .exe software

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Hello, We are looking for the Dialogic's HMP Executable programs (.exe) and they are not saved after we have saved and uninstalled/installed the software multiple times. Is there anything that you can do to assist with this.  

I have checked program data and no .exe files were found.

I have checked the Program files and no .exe files have been found. 



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Is the VoiceGuide software starting?

Please .ZIP up an post here the trace files from VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory.

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we have not tried that just yet. But we are using VoIP monitors but the lines are not connecting. Our Phone system provider is vonage. Do we have to use a softphone to dial in. We would be purchasing the enterprise software. 


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When you call into the VoiceGuide system it will answer with the default "Credit Card Payment" demo script.

Once you have that confirmation you can then set up registration with your VoIP service provider. You will need to restart the VoiceGuide service after setting the VoIP registration information in Config.xml. The settings in Config.xml are read in at service startup time.

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